I Bought/Started A

New Practice

Off to a fresh start?

When purchasing a new practice, whether it’s from another dental professional or starting from scratch, the possibilities are truly endless. Working from a clean slate means that you have an opportunity to connect and engage with a new community, both in-practice and online.

When starting off, it’s important to establish yourself as the practice you want potential patients to see you as – welcoming, knowledgeable, exciting and fun. This is where your online marketing strategy comes into play, and where traditional referral and word-of-mouth advertising just won’t cut it.

Don’t just hit the ground running – hit the ground in an all-out, gut-busting sprint that puts you eons above your competition.

When starting off, you may be able to relate:

  • You’re afraid of failing, which is natural. Having a rock-solid marketing strategy that drives new patients through your door will get your new practice off to the best possible start!
  • You’re worried about your financial future. Unique Dental Marketing knows that nothing puts a mind at ease like knowing your marketing expenditures are yielding you huge returns.
  • Your competitors are zooming past you. You’re not spending enough on marketing. Right off the bat, you clearly won’t have the marketing budget of a practice that’s been around for 5, 10 or 20 years, and that’s OK – Unique Dental Marketing offers complete, full-service packages for less than most agencies charge for a single service!
  • You’re unsure which marketers to trust, which is understandable – most dental marketers won’t get you a single new patient. You don’t know which marketing services you need. You might be thinking: “Do I need to advertise on Google? With Facebook ads? Do I need a review management service? SEO? Call monitoring? Email promotions? Social media management?” The answer is going to be a combination of services that are best suited to your practice… a system that is proven to get more patients through your door month after month, year after year.

Again, don’t just hit the ground running – hit the ground in an all-out sprint. Unique Dental Marketing offers the most data-driven, tested, and reliable digital marketing services, which we use to craft an individualized strategy for your practice. For what most guys charge for a single service, Unique Dental Marketing provides your practice with a full-circle digital marketing strategy, designed to stretch your practice’s online reach beyond what any of your competitors could dream of.


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