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Are you ready to grow your practice? So are we.

Many practices are doing well, but just can’t break through $1M in yearly revenue. These practices are perfectly marketable, but just don’t know how to extend their reach as far as it can stretch to potential patients. Not only does your practice need to be exceptional, but you need to pair it with a brilliant marketing strategy to broaden your revenue stream to its absolute maximum.

The vast majority of marketing companies offer one-size-fits-all solutions, which return almost unnoticeable results. Unique Dental Marketing realizes that to grow your practice to its maximum, an individualized, full-circle approach to your practice’s online presence is what’s needed. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of potential new patients search for dentists in your area. With Unique Dental Marketing, you can be the one standing front-and-center amongst your competition every time.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You’re in “growth mode”
  • You’re the best practice in your area
  • You’re not satisfied with your current revenue, and you’re ready to ramp up to the next level
  • Your practice’s online presence is tiny, or non-existent
  • You want your practice to be everywhere online
  • You want your practice to rank #1 or #2 on Google
  • Your current marketing strategy isn’t resulting in more revenue for your practice
  • Your marketing company just isn’t getting you where you want to be
  • Your current marketing company isn’t data-driven or focused on providing services that are proven to get more patients through your door
  • You’re stuck below $1M or $2M in annual revenue, and you just don’t know how to break through to the high seven-figure range
  • You want to hire more team members
  • You want to expand your current office and open more locations
  • You want to sell your practice in the future, and need to ramp up your patient base to get the best price from buyers
  • Your marketing doesn’t convey the right message to potential patients to help them see how exceptional of a practice you are
  • If there’s a marketing strategy that puts your practice everywhere online and gets you dozens and dozens of new patients, you’ll take it

How’d you end up stuck in the middle? It’s possible that your competitors are better at marketing than you. If you want to outshine competitors and get new patients through your door, you’re going to need to be everywhere online… which means that you must show up at the top of Google searches. Now is the time to invest in a proven industry-specific system: it’s time to work with a marketing company that specializes in dentistry.

One-size-fits-all marketing plans do not work if you’re trying to grow. If that were the case, then everyone would use them! If you’re not leveraging the best state-of-the-art, tested strategies that have been proven to work month after month, year after year… you could end up stuck in the middle with no plan to put your practice at the top.

We offer everything from a well-designed, well-optimized website, to a comprehensive, data-driven SEO campaign, to targeted online advertising. We know what works to put you at #1 or #2 on Google. Unique Dental Marketing provides the services that your practice needs to break into that high seven-figure revenue stream that you’ve been shooting for. Don’t stand on the ground while your competitors soar above you; rise above them with Unique Dental Marketing.


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